Death on Black Wings (EL 7)

Death on Black Wings (EL 7)

After several uncomfortable days on the road one of the party spot what at first appears to be a large bird on the horizon. It soon becomes obvious that the creature is much larger than first suspected and a Nature (DC Simple) determines that it is the green dragon. It soars through the clouds always staying some miles to the south. After nearly an hour it disappears into the clouds one last time and is not seen again

Several hours later the party are following the road north through the snow covered Rolston Marshes south of Emridy Meadows. In any other season this landscape is filled with shallow ponds, rivulets and Willow trees. The road winds through the landscape frequently crossing wooden cause-ways and dwarf stone bridges. Due to the extreme winter weather the ponds and rivulets are frozen.

Four dark flying shapes approach from the Kron hills to the south heading directly toward them. As they get closer the characters see black wyverns each carrying a spear wielding rider.

Creatures: 4 Black Wyverns, 4 Orc Wyvern-Riders.

The orcs howl and scream as their wyvern mounts dive toward the PCs and their horses.

Tactics: The wyverns start by making a flyby attack; the riders throw their spear as the wyverns swoop low and fast across the frozen marsh. Next round the beasts gain some altitude and dive bomb the characters, their orc riders leaping from the wyverns backs using their wyvern-charge power. Their wyvern mounts will continue to circle making fly-by attacks with their claws and stingers. Should the PCs manage to ground a wyvern it attacks relentlessly with its bite attack.

The orc wyvern-riders are armed with bladed claw gloves and dressed in smelly black hide armour and thick fur cloaks. Their faces are stained black. A stylized open eye is painted on their forehead in metallic paint.

Morale: The orcs fight like rabid animals until killed. The wyverns will fight as long as there are orcs to command them and then until blooded before attempting to escape.

Features of the Area:

Trees: The trees are large enough to provide cover.

Frozen Lake: This is treated as difficult terrain for anyone moving on it without ice walk. In addition, creatures without ice walk are moved 1 additional square when subjected to any forced movement.

Snow Drift: This is treated as difficult terrain and requires a successful Athletics check (DC Moderate) to move out of the square.