Jade Reagent 3: The Hungry Storm Additional Encounter Ideas

Jade Reagent 3: The Hungry Storm Additional Encounter Ideas

More Encounter ideas for the Tundra and High Ice.

1. Karlsgard to the Rimethirst Mountains is a journey of approximately 36 days (page 8), which is not covered in any detail. Very little is documented about the Path of Aganhei through the Stormspear Hills, Mountains, and the Rimethirst. Between the Stormspear and Rimethirst Mountains the two branches of the Path of Aganhei (the western route from Kalsgard and the eastern route from Icestair in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords) join providing the perfect opportunity to encounter mammoth riding merchants pulling giant sleds of goods. The mountain passes present the perfect conditions for an avalanche and the hills are the hunting ground of giant eagles, dwarven war bands, yak-men and frost worms.

2. The PCs discover a ruined Saumen Kar igloo village made from an immense hemisphere of ice. Inside they encounter a Saumen Kar scholar searching for the meaning of his brands.

3. The caravan is trailed for days by several burrowing creatures that leave trails across the snowy landscape. They trail the party for several days before surfacing in giant sprays of snow and ice. The party knows they are being stalked but can do little about it – maybe they try and find rocky ground or a defensible location before the creature’s surface in giant sprays of snow and ice? Juvenile Remorhaz or ice dwelling giant worms would work well. A by product of the encounter could be materials that help the caravan survive the journey- skins, disgusting yet nutritional meat or an alchemical components.

4. The High Ice and Boreal Expanse would be a good place to encounter the mysterious snowcaster elves. Maybe they are stalked by a curious individual or encounter a small ice-sailing craft and its crew. Either way the PCs can gain favor with Shalelu Andosana if they mediate a meeting with her illusive cousins. The elves may be willing to trade information about the witch Katiyanna, the Storm Tower and the Nameless Spires.

5. Weather and environment need to be a major component of the journey. Snow storms, blizzards, ice shelves, crevasses, bolder fields, ice bridges, freezing fog, hoar frost, and diamond snow? Even in the real world there are a myriad of strange weather conditions and terrains that exist in the high arctic. A little research goes a long way.

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