25 Rules – Spell Resistance (SR)

25 Rules – Spell Resistance (SR)

The Short Version

SR is like AC against magical attacks.

Caster Level Check to overcome SR = 1d20 + caster level

The Long Version

  • A Caster Level Check is required to overcome a targets SR. It must equal or exceed the SR of the target.
  • If the check fails the spell is cast but has no effect on the target.
  • Not all spells are affected by SR! Spells description headings specifically state yes or no. Examples:
    • Flame Blade Spell Resistance: yes. The caster must overcome the SR of the target before attempting to hit with the flame blade.
    • Dispel Magic: no. The targets SR provides no protection against attempts to dispel spells already affecting it or magical items carried.
    • Protection from Evil: no; see text. Spell resistance can allow a creature to overcome the protection from evil warded creature.
  • Class and racial abilities can add a bonus to the caster level check to overcome SR. Examples:
    • Elves get a +2 bonus on caster level checks to overcome a targets spell resistance
    • The feat Spell Penetration grants a +2 on caster level checks to overcome a targets spell resistance.
  • A target with SR can voluntarily drop its resistance if it chooses.