Which 4e Books Should I Buy?

Which 4e Books Should I Buy?

It seems fitting for a new site to rehash and update an old post. Sometime ago I was dismayed at the confusing array of 4e products hitting the market. Some blogs did an excellent job of analysing those products but no one really took the time to lay out for the new player or DM, or indeed the returning D&D player, which products they should purchase.

There are many ways new players come into this hobby. Many will receive advice from friends and store owners about which books to buy. In my experience much of that advice is good but can leave you confused as to alternatives.

So, for you new players and DM’s I hope these diagrams offer some insight into the current range of products and how they fit together.

For New, Returning and Existing Players (click image to enlarge):

For New, Returning and Existing DM’s (click image to enlarge):

Without muddying the waters it is worth noting that:
1. If you are joining an established gaming group talk your choices through with them. Some groups steer away from the D&D Essentials line (I can’t understand it – another subject another time) and some of the player options books.
2. Modern D&D is regularly updated by Wizards of the Coast. If you buy a copy of the early books there is likely to be errata which can be found here. Of course it is the choice of your gaming group whether you want to use the errata or not.