Restless Dead

Restless Dead

This minion was created for a set-piece battle. I wanted to create a gauntlet fight where the characters had to get to the evil flame hurling undead sorcerer through a sea of undead skeletons.

I wanted the sorcerer difficult to get too and rather than include terrain (a balcony, magical barrier etc which would frustrate melee PCs) I hit upon the idea of rank upon rank of skeletons filling the room. The PCs would heroically wade through the skeletons, bone shards flying in all directions, all the while the sorcerer raining magic down upon them with little or no concern for his own troops.

But… I wanted it to be a dangerous slog across the room. Make the PCs work hard and the more heroic it would feel.

I devised a minion that died quickly (as they all do) but still provided a barrier or hazard to the fire-slinging sorcerer to the rear of the chamber. When they are killed they create a square of hazardous terrain (I used a token) that the characters have to negotiate. It’s almost a minion that needs to be killed twice.

I tried to keep the rules for the terrain and its destruction as simple as possible (just like the minion) to cut down on the DM having to keep track.


The monster builder file can be obtained here.