Small city in the northeast of the forest kingdom of Waylan.

Population: 12,000

Visitors: 1,000

High Visitors Modifier: x1-3

Population Percentages: Human: 71%, Halfling: 15%, Elven: 1%, Gnome: 5%, Dwarf: 1%,

Half-elf: 8%, Other: -

Ruler: Bartil Longspear.

Who Really Rules: Bartil is the Kings Warden for SilverSpar. Until recently this was a hereditary title. He is fiercely loyal to his monarch.

Major Products: Lumber, finished goods (wood).

Standard: A white and silver pennant.

Armed Forces: 400 SilverSpar Lancers.

Notable Mages: Several mid-level wizards that accept apprentices, trade magical items or offer their service as sages.

  • Orrin (Good male human Wizard) – A studious wizard with a hot temper who spends much of his time researching new spells. On retainer to the crown to provide magical guards and wards at the Spar.
  • Lynton Ewoin (Unaligned human male Wizard) – A wizard from Northgate who trades spell scrolls, spell components, potions and minor magical items from his shop, ‘The Velum Scroll’.

Notable Churches:

  • The Hunter’s Hall, temple Ehlonna and Salon (High Priest of the Lady of the Forest Butri Vycan (Good female human Cleric of Ehlonna); 5 priests, 800+ followers.
  • Temples and shrines to Pelor, Avandra and Zilchus.

Notable Rogues’ & Thieves’ Guilds: Unknown.

Notable Organisations: Royal Mint of Waylan.

Equipment Shops: Many wilderness and trail outfitters.

Adventurers Quarters: Several Inn’s and lodgings.

Important Characters:

  • Bartil Longspear (Good human male Ranger) – Kings Warden of SilverSpar.
  • Per-Randel (Lawful Good human male Fighter) – Captain of the Lancer’s stationed at the Spur.

Important Features: The city is walled on all sides, although it has never been seriously threatened. The ‘Spar’ is an impressive fortress flanked by the massive wooden palisade that dams Gilderslake. Buildings are mostly wood and plaster or the locally mined grey/white stone. The city walls are built from the same stone and when viewed from a distance they shine a silvery-white colour. Many of the taller buildings and towers on the city walls have untarnished-copper roofs that glisten on a sunny day. The city pennant flies atop each tower.

Hooks/Rumors: Rumors of a ‘gem-coated’ trader, Veskian wizard slayers, and the strange, some say ghost-like lights that have been seen on the battlements of the Spar.

SilverSpar is a large town at the head of the Silverun River where it rises from Gilderslake in northeast Waylan. It has a large population of halflings and a good-deal of half-elves and gnomes. Its residents are rangers, woodsmen, artisans or merchants.

The town is clean, orderly, but distinctly ‘frontier-like’. All kinds of supplies are available here since it is a major stop off point for merchants travelling to Darig-Bellenor, Midgate, Northgate, Telerash and The Shires.

An impressive fortress, know locally as ‘The Spar’ has been converted by the Waylanders into an armory and royal mint. The Silverun River is dammed at Gilderslake by a huge wooden palisade. Deep in its bowls are gnome designed water wheels that power the forge bellows and smelters of ‘The Spar’.

Two bridges cross the Silverrun River inside the city walls. They are simply called the East and the West bridges. The hilly area south and east of the town is covered in halfling burrows, small cottages and farms. The locals call it Hillton, and it is home to most of the town’s halfling residents.

The King’s Warden rules the town and is responsible for the royal mint. This title currently belongs to an aging ranger called Bartil Longspear.

The city is guarded by SilverSpar Lancers, the regular army troops that patrol Waylan’s highways and towns. A large contingent of Lancer’s guard ‘The Spar’, and escort weapons and currency shipments across Waylan. A typical Lancer is equipped with chain mail, wields a broadsword and carries a kite shield bearing the green field with five golden arrows of Waylan. The Lancers do not patrol the forests. That job is left to the Green Cloaks – a separate military unit reporting to the king and staffed by rangers and scouts.

Several notable wizards make there home in SilverSpar and temples and shrines exist to Ehlonna, Pelor, Avandra and Salon. Like all Waylanders, residents of SilverSpar have a deep reverence for the forest and the creatures that live within.

Many adventuring opportunities exist in the surrounding area – The Ruined Halls of Starwater, The Giant Hills, The Shires, The Dark Cut and the hidden ruins of Waylan Forest to name but a few.

City Locations.

1    The Whistling Minstrel. 3 Coins / 4 Entertainment / 3 Quality

A popular Inn near the market. Owned by Sweelly Thorinson, an ex-soldier and now retired member of the SilverSpar Lancers.

2    Waylan Trade Exchange.

Royal currency exchange. A reinforced single-storey house with bars on the windows and SilverSpar Lancer’s guarding the front door. Safe storage is also available for 1 gp per day for each cubic yard of material.

3    The Unicorn. 3 Coins / 3 Entertainment

A tavern near the south gate.

4    The East Bridge Inn. 2 Coins / 2 Entertainment / 2 Quality

A large in-expensive inn on the north bank of the east bridge. This three-storey building is oft used by passing caravan trains and can lodge up to 45 people. It is the only inn in SilverSpar that can offer a full wagon lockup facility – Wooden garages large-enough to store an entire covered wagon. Five of these are available to the rear of the inn’s busy stable courtyard. The stables are large-enough to accommodate fifty horses. The inn is plain and functional. The taproom bustles from sunrise till midnight. Simple but wholesome food is served throughout the day by one of the inn’s many barmaids. The inn is owned by Ursil, a gruff man who spends his day barking orders at his staff.

5    Xixo’s Glassworks. 3 Coins / 2 Quality / 2 Goods

This is SilverSpar’s only glassworks.

6    Berrin’s Trail Supplies. 3 Coins / 2 Quality/ 4 Goods

At first glance Berrin’s Trail Supplies would appear to be a large barn amongst the townhouses of the merchant quarter. Passing through the wide open doors reveals a vast open space stocked high with goods. From trail rations to saddles, weapons to hand carts, winter blankets to wineskins. Berrin maintains a small stock of special items behind his counter at the rear of the store that includes healing salves, tinder-twigs, and craftsmen’s tools. Berrin is a broad fair-haired man in his late forties.

7    West Street Leather Goods. 2 Coins / 3 Quality

8    Lonrick’s Hunting Store. 4 Coins / 4 Quality / 3 Goods

Lonrick runs a quality fletching business from this open fronted workshop. Lonrick is a master-craftsman and his prices reflect the quality of his work.

9    SilverSpar Hunting Dog’s. 3 Quality / 4 Quality

Hunting dog breeder and kennels. Specializes in breeding west Waylan mastiffs.

10  The Hunter’s Hall.

The temple to Ehlonna and Salon was built outside the city on the edge of the forest. This sprawling carved wooden structure dominates the northern approach to the city. High Priest of the Lady of the Forest Butri Vycan (Good female human cleric of Ehlonna) presides over ceremonies.

11  The House of Good Fortune. 4 Monument

The Temple to Avandra is led by the insufferably jovial Hristan Edarf (Good human male cleric of Avandra). Its unusual construction has made it somewhat of a landmark in SilverSpar. A one-storey building constructed from locally quarried grey-white stone with four small towers standing at each corner. Each face of the building has a large circular silver door, embossed with the face of the goddess. Each exterior door opens to reveal a wide corridor leading to a central chamber of worship. Lining the corridors are numerous circular doors. These lead to identical square rooms with a circular door in each wall. Some of these doors are false, some are locked, and others are trapped! Despite appearing identical each room has a different function; store room, shrine, priest quarters, audience chambers, kitchen, or vault.

12  The House of Healing.

Temple to Yondalla.

13  Morning Hall.

Temple to Pelor.

14  Renna’s Provisions. 3 Coins / 4 Quality

15  Edric’s Arms and Armour. 3 Coins / 3 Quality / 3 Goods

This appears to be a wide, open fronted workshop complete with five forges and anvils. Apprentice armour-smiths work here all day to maintain Edric’s store, which lies through a door to the rear of the workshop. Edric (Unaligned human male fighter) is a jovial bear of a man with red hair and green eyes. Some years ago he was an accomplished man-at-arms and the only surviving member of a short-lived adventuring party. Edric has a private workshop and lodgings through a door to the rear of the shop.

16  The Firefly Festhall. 2 Coins / 4 Entertainment

A lively tavern in Hillyton built like an oversized halfling burrow. The proprietor Himi Wheatsheaf (Good halfling male) eats and drinks nearly as much as the patrons on a normal evening.

17  Reltan’s Alchemical & Herbal Supplies. 3 Coins / 3 Quality / 4 Goods

Reltan runs his shop from his cottage in Hillyton. Several blasted and burned outbuildings act as his laboratories and workshops. Reltan is a wizened gnome with wild grey eyebrows and a balding pallet. The door to his shop is often locked. A sign saying ‘please ring the bell’ hangs in the front window. To the left of the door is a rope cord that disappears into the cottage eves. When pulled a mighty ‘bong’ reverberates from the roof. A small explosion normally follows this from one of the outbuildings; a singed gnome runs to the back door of the cottage and the front door opens. Reltan (Lawful Good male gnome illusionist) describes himself as an alchemist but has on occasion tutored local gnomes as illusionists. Unlike his experiments, his shop is tidy and orderly; labelled glass jars and wooden trays line the walls.

18  Livestock Market.

19  Town hall.

SilverSpar’s town hall is also its courtroom and guardhouse. It is an impressive structure of grey-white stone and an untarnished copper roof. Walyan and SilverSpar pennants fly from the building when the weather permits. The Warden’s fortified townhouse is adjacent to the town hall.

20  Oscar’s Steeds and Pack Mules. 4 Coins / 2 Quality / 2 Goods

The unforgettable Oscar Stanson operates this corral and stable. Most of his stock is second hand or reconditioned! Luckily most of his horses are Midgate or Northgate bred, so they come from hardy stock. Shire bred pack mules are available at a premium price. With no other horse-traders in SilverSpar, Oscar has cornered the market. He also sells carts and wagons. Oscar is a lanky, obsequious fellow with a black gotte beard and long arms that never stop moving.

21  The Spur.

22  The Velum Scroll. 3 Coins / 3 Quality / 3 Goods

The wizard Lynton Ewoin (Unaligned human male wizard) from Northgate trades spell scrolls, spell components, potions and minor magical items.

23  Home of Orrin.

Home of the wizard Orrin (Good human male wizard) – A studious wizard with a hot temper who spends much of his time researching new wards. He is on retainer to the crown to provide magical guards and wards at the Spur.


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