Capitol of the Kingdom of Wainrath and the kingdom’s largest settlement. The city sits in a broad valley on the Highdale River surrounded by small farming hamlets.

Population: 30,000

Visitors: 2000

High Visitors Modifier: x 1-3

Population Percentages: Human: 70%

Halfling: 10%

Elven: 2%

Gnome: 8%

Dwarf: 6%

Half-elf: 4%

Other: 0%

Ruler: Prince Egon Daggershield.

Who Really Rules: The prince is advised by ten hereditary dukes, three appointed merchant dukes and his cousin and castellan, Larrs Daggershield.

Major Products: Worked goods (wood and leather), and preserved foods.

Standard: A green and gold dragon wrapped around a golden sword and a golden sheaf of wheat, all on a dark green field split with a line of stone battlements.

Armed Forces: 800 army and 160 city guards.

Version without names: