Enderrin.com is a place for me to share random D&D stuff with the world.. or at least those that care and enjoy such things. Behind Enderrin is a 40-something Englishman called MattR who has been playing D&D on and off for more than twenty years.

Technical assistance (and possibly some content if I can twist his arm) is provided by the web-savvy MattW, an Englishman in exile!

Writing Credits:
I have had the good fortune to write several articles for Wayfinder magazine. If you play the Pathfinder RPG I would strongly recommend you check out this fantastic community resource:

Wayfinder 7 “Xin’s Legacy” – Golarion related article
Wayfinder 9 “Deverin’s Folly” – Short adventure (pdf edition)
Wayfinder 9 “Natural Entrances to the Darklands” – Golarion related article
Wayfinder 10 “Genie Bloodline Traits” – Pathfinder character traits
Wayfinder 10 “Aaadeem-Sahreah (Great Lizard)” – Pathfinder monster
Wayfinder 11 “Coin Wraith” – Pathfinder monster
Southlands Bestiary “Subek” – Pathfinder monster (Kobold Press)

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